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Ah— World Tour 2010

April 21st

World Tour Food Day!!!

What an awesome event!!! There are great food everywhere, from Chinese to Indian and even to European!!! I was however disappointed with the Chinese food— their food becomes hard by the time I ate it and it is pretty much what I eat every day :D—- Yes, I’m indeed 100% Chinese *cough* *cough* and not somehow adopted

Anyway, one of the best food in my opinion at the fair was the chili stir-fried bread with goat meat (I have no clue what the official Indian dish name is) . The taste was awesome— though I was thirsty by the time I finish it. I literally drank 1 Lite of water afterward. BTW, goat meat is awesome and it is the only food that manage to satisfy my hunger …. though I agree it is kind of cruel. But then, doesn’t the end justify it means???

Man–how could they refuse to sell tickets to me??? Screw period 4 people! I was planning to try the Cafe Europa— but then found out my pocket is empty. Luckily, I have found that out before I went in there, otherwise I am in deep trouble!!

I hope one day I will be able to travel around the world and try out all their local delicacy— That would be awesome =)

April 22nd

World Tour Performance day!!!

It is tiring (I have no idea when I sign up that rehearsals took half a school day=6 Hours!!!)— but it’s amazingly fun and in the end worth it!!! I finally understand why people like Drama. The feeling of getting on stage is just indescribable— your are sorta excited, but also anxious at the same time. Hehe– and I think our drama script is just amazing, and somehow even reflect some Chinese culture too!!! Sleeping 4.5 hours  a day (Though I think we sleep more!!), Asian “Failing” (Soo true— Parent: Why is your mark so low??? But Dad— How the heck are you suppose to get more than an 93%??) , and pissing the crap out of our parents (Shaking your leg at Dinner) xDDD

Ah yes— and each actor truly fit each character.I am so glad I joined China: 1) I met some amazing people, 2) I get to learn somethings about Drama and 3) My legs are not numb from sitting and my eyes dropping (Which happens in most assemblies I partake in)

And I sure have my face touched a whole lot by the “boss”— Feel the Chinese, Be the Chinese and Do the Chinese LOOL. I believed he even squished some of my pimple— I should consider learning Kong-Fu to attack him.

From the feedback I received, I found out that people are now more knowledgeable about the Chinese culture and will strive to become better Chinese 😀

What a weird but awesome day. 🙂  However, my brain is soo weird— I don’t think my brain is still back to normal from World Tour and the 4-H Greenbelt Youth Forum- I’ll make a reminder to post about those experience =P I really don’t feel like completing my homework these past few months— I’m sort of like going thorough the motions. I barely studied for test and I managed to complete assignments the last minute— *sigh* (Which also explains why I am on this blog) Anyway, I have no clue why on earth my brain doesn’t remember important stuff— Brain freeze???

I didn’t know that selling items to fund-raise was so incredibly hard—- Come on people, are you seriously that broke??? $1 per freezes ONLY— It’s not like it is a gazillion dollars. Man, running around the whole lunch time, and guess what??? I only sold two!!! Crappy tired— but fortunately, I have spare next!!

The day ended well though— I manage with the help of my friends to carry down a gigantic water sculpture (Gotta post about it someday!!!) That was fun!!!

Gotta sleep— See ya!

First, welcome to my blog!!! Yay— I finally beat procrastination and created my first blog. 🙂 I hope to blog regularly, and I hope that you will enjoy my writings =P